Travel - Hockey visit to Toronto

Date: 2018sep26 Country: Canada AirportCodes: YTZ, YYZ Q. Hockey visit to Toronto A. If you are into hockey there is a lot in Toronto! Hall of Fame
Hockey Hall Fame -
Maple Leaf Gardens - former Leafs' home is still there, now owned by Ryerson Scotiabank Arena - Leafs and Raptors Coca-Cola Coliseum - Marlies Varsity Arena - UofT
Watch Live
Leafs - NHL - Marlies - AHL - UofT Blues - University - Ryerson Rams - University - The Leafs and Marlies practice at the MasterCard centre - to buy tickets - to buy secondhand tickets Needless to say the Leafs are the most expensive tickets in town. The Marlies and others are pretty darn good hockey and you can sit closer.
Watch in Bar
Real Sports - Wayne Gretzky's - Wheat Sheaf - oldest bar - Basically every bar will have the Leafs' game on. So it can be more fun and cheaper to visit a small neigbourhood bar. Its never wrong to wear a Leafs' jersey.
Big hockey stores: Sports Chek, Dukes, Just Hockey, Pro Hockey Life Used: Play it Again. Fix your stuff: Toronto Hockey Repair You can buy pro gear: Majer Hockey Fan stuff: Real Sports Apparel, The Spirit of Hockey (in Hall of Fame), the above big stores
Play In the winter, local outdoor arenas have public shinny - see their schedules - want ads for players, equipment, tickets
Out of Town
Buffalo - has NHL team Mississauga - has OHL team Ottawa - about 500km away - has NHL team Montreal - about 550km away - has NHL team
Have a great visit.