Travel - Guadalajara to Sayulita

Date: 2019feb17 Country: Mexico Q. Guadalajara to Sayulita A. Take a taxi to the Vallarta Plus bus station in Zapopan. The cost is about M$150 from Centro Guadalajara. Its across the busy street from the main Zapopan bus station (Central de Autobuses Zapopan). They have a twice daily bus to Sayulita for M$600 (cash or credit). At 8:30am and 9:55am. Please check the details on their website. My trip took about 4 hours. Its a luxury bus with reserved seats. As usual with luxury buses in Mexico, its over air conditioned so bring a sweatshirt or something. You are dropped off on the edge of town. But since Sayulita is so small that's only a 5 minute walk to the very center.
Guadalajara --------> Zapopan ---------------------> Sayulita taxi Vallarta Plus bus