Travel - Toronto: Bike from Top of High Park to the Humber River Bike Trail

Date: 2020nov11 Updated: 2020dec11 Keywords: bike, cycle, Old Mill AirportCodes: YTZ, YYZ Q. Toronto: Bike from Top of High Park to the Humber River Bike Trail A. I have figured a few bike-friendly routes. I drew them on this map Currently the bike lanes on Bloor end at Runneymede so we don't stay on Bloor past there. 1. Via Old Mill Road This is my favourite. As the map shows, follow Runneymede, Colbek, Jane, Humberview Old Mill Dr, Catherine. (The one block on Jane is the least bike friendly - be careful there.) Then you are at a pretty old stone bridge. Cross it if you want to follow the trail south or don't to go north. 2. Via Baby Point As the map shows, follow Runneymede, Annette, Baby Point This is a fancy community. There are some stairs between houses for the trail - which isn't marked. Use your GPS. There are quite a few wooden stairs (no tire grooves) you need to carry down. Then its an unpaved path that leads to paved bike trail. 3. Via Old Dundas St Its easy to get onto the trail from Old Dundas St (near Dundas St W). But I don't know of a bike friendly way to get there. 4. Via High Park This isn't very direct but bike friendly. There are bike paths the entire way. 5. Via Bloor St (not bike friendly) There is no bike lane on Bloor West of Runneymede. So that's several blocks with no bike lane. The intersection at Jane is especially crazy. I rode on the sidewalk over the large Humber River bridge because there were no pedestrians around. The last part is the best, enter the parking lot at 2645 Bloor (Riverview Apartments) Follow the switchbacks down the multilevel outdoor parking lot to the bottom There is an gated opening in the chain-link fence leading to a short dirt path. Follow it to the main Humber trail! If you are trying to find it from the trail - there is a cluster of garbage and recycling bins.