Programming Tips - Win32: hide an embedded web browser

Date: 2021feb12 OS: Windows Platform: win32 Language: C Q. Win32: hide an embedded web browser A. The great project on Code Project Embed an HTML control in your own window using plain C by Jeff Glatt Shows how to embed a browser but not how to hide/show it. It would be easy to do ::ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) on the parent window but I had a requirement to only hide the browser. After a few hours, I figured this out using OLE verbs.
// Helper static IOleObject **GetBrowserHandle(const HWND hwnd) { return (IOleObject **)GetWindowLongPtr(hwnd, GWL_USERDATA); } // To Show/Hide the embedded browser withOUT hiding the parent window void ShowBrowser(const HWND hwnd, const BOOL bShow) { IOleObject *browserObject; IOleClientSite *site; RECT rect; browserObject = *GetBrowserHandle(hwnd); if (bShow) { browserObject->lpVtbl->GetClientSite(browserObject, &site); GetClientRect(hwnd, &rect); browserObject->lpVtbl->DoVerb(browserObject, OLEIVERB_SHOW, NULL, site, -1, hwnd, &rect); } else { browserObject->lpVtbl->DoVerb(browserObject, OLEIVERB_HIDE, NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL); } }