Programming Tips - How do I enable/disable a button in a toolbar?

Date: 2009apr9 Language: C/C++ Platform: win32 Q. How do I enable/disable a button in a toolbar? A. Here are 2 function that do that:
BOOL EnableToolbarButtonByIndex(CToolBar *pToolbar, const int iIndex, const BOOL bEnabled) { UINT nNewStyle; if (pToolbar == NULL) return FALSE; nNewStyle = pToolbar->GetButtonStyle(iIndex) & ~TBBS_DISABLED; if (!bEnabled) { nNewStyle |= TBBS_DISABLED; // If a button is currently pressed and then is disabled // COMCTL32.DLL does not unpress the button, even after the mouse // button goes up! We work around this bug by forcing TBBS_PRESSED // off when a button is disabled. // This code from nNewStyle &= ~TBBS_PRESSED; } if (nNewStyle & TBBS_SEPARATOR) return FALSE; pToolbar->SetButtonStyle(iIndex, nNewStyle); return TRUE; } BOOL EnableToolbarButtonByCommand(CToolBar *pToolbar, const int iCommand, const BOOL bEnabled) { int iIndex; if (pToolbar == NULL) return FALSE; if ((iIndex = pToolbar->CommandToIndex(iCommand)) < 0) return FALSE; return EnableToolbarButtonByIndex(pToolbar, iIndex, bEnabled); } void ExampleUse() { EnableToolbarButtonByCommand(&m_Toolbar, IDC_SAVE, m_bFileModified); }