Programming Tips - MSVC: _snprintf doesn't NUL-terminate causing corruption

Date: 2024apr30 Product: Microsoft Visual Studio Language: C/C++ Language: english Q. MSVC: _snprintf doesn't NUL-terminate causing corruption A. Basically _snprintf() became unsafe so use snprintf() MSDN says:
Beginning with the UCRT in Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10, snprintf is no longer identical to _snprintf. The snprintf behavior is now C99 standard conformant. The difference is that if you run out of buffer, snprintf null-terminates the end of the buffer and returns the number of characters that would have been required whereas _snprintf doesn't null-terminate the buffer and returns -1.
It goes on to say:
Also, snprintf() includes one more character in the output because it doesn't null-terminate the buffer. WRONG
I believe that's incorrect - it should say "_snprintf() includes". I prefer to say NUL-terminated because its the NUL character and not the NULL pointer at the end of the string.