Programming Tips - How can I make a useful bug report?

Date: 2018feb28 Q. How can I make a useful bug report? A. Please provide the info up front. Programmers don't mind being told "something obvious" about your environment - eg I am using Windows. Every problem report should include:
Title - I suggest something neutral here, rather than saying "bug" or "failure" use "issue", etc. Priority - Be realistic about assigning a priority - you'll lose credibility if you call everything urgent Environment - Don't make the programmer ask or assume Steps to reproduce - Saving "obvious" stuff is fine Expected Result - please say even if its obvious (eg should not crash) Actual Result - What happened - please don't say "same as before" etc Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text) - include URL if relevant
If the program in question runs things (eg a web browser) its best to provide a *minimal* example of the html that causes the issue - not your whole website.