Computer Tips - How can I quickly launch Control Panel items?

Date: 2016mar10 OS: Windows Keywords: snapin, snapins, snap-in, snap-ins Q. How can I quickly launch Control Panel items?
Windows-R (Press the windows Key and R at the same time to get the run box)
Then enter <something>.msc for example:
Others are:
azman.msc Authorization manager certlm.msc Certificates certmgr.msc Certificates comexp.msc Component Services compmgmt.msc Computer Management devmgmt.msc Device Manager diskmgmt.msc Disk Management eventvwr.msc Event Viewer fsmgmt.msc Shared Folders lusrmgr.msc Local Users and Groups NAPCLCFG.MSC NAP Client Configuration perfmon.msc Performance Monitor services.msc Services (daemons) taskschd.msc Task Scheduler tpm.msc Trusted Platform Module Management WF.msc Windows Firewall with Advanced Security WmiMgmt.msc Windows Management Instrumentation