Computer Tips - You are always talking about mail and daemon security.

Date: 2007nov18 Updated: 2015oct1 Q. You are always talking about mail and daemon security. Do you use any other security programs? A. Most definitely. In Windows I use the Putty secure shell client. (Openssh's secure shell on Linux) I use Password Safe to store userids and passwords (a wallet). There are many programs with similar names. Make sure you use this one. Love that "autotype" feature! Originallly written by security guru Bruce Scheier but now open source. It's icon is green its locked which might not be what you expected. On my laptop I use VeraCrypt to encrypt files written by me. In case it is lost or stolen. (Used to use TrueCrypt) These seem to be the best of their breeds. Also, while not specific programs some other settings are useful... For Jabber/XMPP I use the TLS login. (SSL on a different port is the old way.) For GMail (oops I am talking about mail again), use the secure version of the URL. Especially if you are using an Internet Café or laptop via somebody else's WiFi.