Computer Tips - How can I use my Telcel SIM?

Date: 2016dec1 Product: Telcel Q. How can I use my Telcel SIM? A. Lets assume your SIM has area code 55=Mexico City. And you have a friend with area code 998=Cancun. And their number is 1234567. To call/text another Mexico area code using your Mexico Phone -------------------------------------------------------------- 044 + Mexico area code + number Your phone is area code 55=Mexico City. They have area code 998=Cancun. Even if you are in the same city. Put 044 in front. So to call the friend: 044 998 123 4567 To call/text Canada using your Mexico Phone ------------------------------------------- 001 + Canada area code + number So to call Toronto City Hall 001 416 397-2489 To call/text Mexico from Canada ------------------------------- 011 + 52 + Mexico area code + number Put 011 and the country code in front. Mexico is country 52. So to call your friend from Canada: 011 52 998 123 4567